Q & A

We all know that men too like grooming, even if many of them will probably not admit it to your face, when asked directly.

However, there's no denying that they too need – and now, have – products that cater to different needs, such as skin type, hair type, age, and so on and so forth.

This is where EvolutionMan comes in.

We managed to get a brief interview from the man himself: celebrity groomer Marco Berardini, who also worked with Britney Spears on her latest tour, Femme Fatale, founded EvolutionMan, a brand that aims to tackle all of men's aesthetic needs, whatever these might be.

He's funny, he's concise and, most importantly, he has the solution for all you gents dreaming of looking – and feeling – your very best.

EolutionMan offers a wide array of products (from which we also received samples, so keep an eye on this space for a detailed review), from skin care to hair care, lip care and even nail care.

For all the questions you might have about them, as well as for why there is a need for such products, read on.

Softpedia: Regardless of the beauty trends that the industry is telling us we must follow, Marco, tell our readers, why a beauty line for men? What is Evolution Man and how did it come into being? What does it aim to accomplish?

Marco Berardini: I wanted to create a men’s line that was for the modern man. Most lines are purely based on shaving; with EVOLUTIONMAN I want to create niche products not found in other men’s lines, as well as simplified basics for the man on the go.

A basic routine is only 3 products, even if you are shaving, as all of our products are multi-functional.

Softpedia: Why “Evolution Man” and not some other, fancy name?

Marco Berardini: We are all in different evolutionary stages when it comes to skincare and beauty. Just as we are all evolving, so will my line.

Softpedia: Was it hard to get such a company off the ground considering the prejudice against this segment of the beauty industry? After all, some still cringe when they hear about beauty products for men... Once past that stage, was / is it hard to keep going, considering that said prejudice is still very much present in our society?

Marco Berardini: I don’t focus on the negative people out there. I focus on the wants and needs of my ever-expanding clientele.

Softpedia: Was the idea for such a company born from the necessity to fill a gap in the market (and help those male customers no one was taking care of), or was it just a whim, sort of like “here's something that doesn't exist, I'll do it”? In short, do men need the kind of products you're selling, or are they simply told they should because it's “hip” to?

Marco Berardini: I built this line, not only for the man who could not find specific products on the market, but also for the busy guy who doesn’t have time to use multiple products to do what our products can do in 1 or 2 steps.

I am very busy and travel a lot for work, so I don’t want to spend 30 minutes in the mirror, twice a day, to get results. I also don’t want to have to travel with 10 products.

Softpedia: How would you describe the Evolution Man man? How is he different from the man who doesn't use any type of beauty or skincare product (of course, aftershave and deodorant don't really count)?

Marco Berardini: All men are evolution “men,” some are just at different stages in grooming. Some of our clients were using soap to wash their face when they tried Wash & Buff, winner of the Men’s Health magazine grooming award for best face scrub.

They immediately saw a difference with their skin and in their shaving experience, which has led them to try more products.

Softpedia: Related to the question before, do tell our (male, but not only) readers a little something about the products you're offering. What should they expect from them? What is the science behind them? How about pricing and availability?

Marco Berardini: EVOLUTIONMAN offers products that perform more than one task so that using products is simple and doesn’t take up your whole bathroom counter.

Our products are formulated with the most consumer-friendly ingredients, without compromising function. Prices range from $10 to $28 USD, and can be purchased from

Softpedia: We wrote a while back about your new Nail Polish line, and got an amazing response from our male readers. Nonetheless, would you say some of the products you're offering are more rock'n'roll than others, or are they targeting the same kind of man, the average Joe with a burning desire to look good?

Marco Berardini: I am not suggesting that every man wear a dark color on their nails, but am trying to (not only) offer amazing basics, but products that were not available in the grooming market. We all deserve to feel good about how we look.

For some, this simply means to have clear skin. To others, to be bronzed all year long. And, for some - to stand out with a wild color on their nails.

Softpedia: What would you tell those who roll their eyes at the idea of a beauty / skincare line exclusively for the gents?

Marco Berardini: Since they are probably not reading this article the whole way through, I don’t feel like I need to address them.

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